i have heard the strange maddness
long growing in your soul;

Lady Blue
As Cities Burn



As Cities Burn- Lady Blue

 ”She goes with her hollow bones, she goes..”




Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

Ok just a reminder to everyone: If you’re planning on tweeting billie joe armstrong “wake up” or something tomorrow, DON’T. The song is about his father’s death and so it’s really personal and treating it like a joke isn’t the right thing to do. Plus he’s asked so many times for people to stop and no one listens so yeah. Please don’t do that.



I am mesmerized by boys who wear their hair in buns

Step 1, discredit the witnesses.
Step 2, introduce a new suspect.
Step 3, we bury the evidence.
We throw so much information at the jury that they walk into the deliberation room with one overwhelming feeling…doubt. That’s how you get away with murder.

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1/100 Favourite Films → The History Boys (2006)

'Was Poland taken by surprise?'

'To some extent… But they knew something was up.'


Elie Saab Spring 2013 Couture, my edit.


Elie Saab Spring 2013 Couture, my edit.

"There are accepted revolutions, revolutions which are called revolutions; there are refused revolutions, which are called riots."

Les Miserables Volume 5, Book 1, Chapter 20 (via rrosejonathanselavy)

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Watch the original video here ( x )
Before I saw this video, I always kept a book for my homework. I use grid paper and it’s perfect for BJ… Heh. After watching this, it helped me to start developing a system I’m currently satisfied with. 

To-do apps don’t work with me. It always just sits on my screen with a notification and swiping something doesn’t feel as satisfying as crossing it out victoriously with a pen. ^_^

  1. LEGENDS ( you can also do it like thisHelps you quickly figure out what certain tasks are at a glance. The colours are for my spiraldexes which I will not be discussing unless you guys request it. c:
  2. Pages This is basically what my pages look like. I write the numbers at the lower corners.I also added sticky notes for extra stuff like memorizing my moral definitions. :p
  3. Calendar  ( x ) If you watch the video, you’re supposed to list out the dates but I prefer both, so I draw a calendar and paste it in my book and list out all the really appointments/stuff I have to do in my drawn calendar and some not-important-but-still-worth-noting notes in my list-calendar.
  4. Index Just write down the pages as shown in the video. Pretty simple. 
  5. Other things you can include: I also stick some motivational images on the last page and stuff like that. Spiraldexes can be fun but they tend to be a little time consuming to draw or at least, I can seem to use them effectively. :c
  1. Have pages especially for grocery lists/ grades/ etc. 
  2. Page full of favourite recipes
  3. Stick an envelope at the back cover and fill it with motivational inspiration!
  4. Stick printables ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
  5. Start a goal/wishlist!

 Good luck! :* 


[X] Save Rock and Roll (VEVO Tour Exposed)

Please do not remove the caption or repost.

Play Crack The Sky
Brand New


Calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath.

I am the one who haunts your dreams of mountains sunk below the sea.

I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean.

I know that this is what you want.

A funeral keeps both of us apart.

You know that you are not alone.

Need you like water in my lungs.

This is the end.

get to know me meme: [5/5] favourite tv shows → orphan black

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"how are you guys so cool? How are you guys so cool, man?"

The standout in the class, the ones you should all make it your mission to destroy.